Rapid Retail Expansion & Multiple Retail Display Programs with Smartypants, High Quality Gummy Vitamins

SmartyPants began in 2011 with the mission of helping families simplify health without sacrificing quality. Their line of multifunctional supplements has grown rapidly online and in retail stores since their founding to include supplements for men, women, prenatal care, and even pets. Their company has remained true to their mission and are industry leaders in testing, transparency, and advocacy.

SmartyPants began their retail display journey with a single pallet display in three Costco locations. As the success of their programs grew with the Costco retailer, they needed to be able to consistently deliver products and displays on time, without damage. Additionally, SmartyPants was expanding to other retailers, and needed a consistent look for their displays across changing retail requirements.

SmartyPants teamed up with Bay Cities Packaging & Design at the beginning of their retail display expansion. As their Costco programs grew, and as they began programs in other retailers such as Target and Walmart, Bay Cities helped them adapt their displays to maintain brand consistency while keeping up with delivery timelines and ensuring displays arrived pristine.

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